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Beomseok Jeong, like many of his generation, started Breaking, later adding Hiphop, Popping and House. After seeing dance productions on stage as a young adult and taking his first lessons in classical dance and modern dance, he decided to study dance in his home country, the Republic of Korea, which he would continue at the Cologne College of Music and Dance.
Already during his studies he danced and choreographed e.g. for the KOTID Dance Festival in Frankfurt and received the audience award at the Solo Duo Festival in Cologne for his solo work H-I-U (Hustle it up). Most recently, he appeared in DUST INSIDE directed by choreographer Julio César Iglesias Ungo at the CCD Cologne.
Apart from his career as a dancer, Beom's work focuses primarily on dance education. In his teaching he conveys the connection between contemporary and urban dance in order to enable young people to creatively use various dance forms and styles.



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