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Yvonne Eibig is a choreographer, organizer and production manager.

Her artistic research focuses on the interface of urban and contemporary movement languages ​​and on interdisciplinary cooperations, especially in visual and digital disciplines. As a founding member and board of the dance network ARTbewegt, she initiated the format GROUND CONFERENCE, a platform for up-and-coming artists with an urban and contemporary background and is committed to the professionalisation of young dancers and choreographers who are starting their own business.
Since 2013 she is project leader of the German program section of the euregional dance festival schrit_tmacher GENERATION2 and co-produces a residence production with Dutch partners each season. Besides Compound Company Yvonne is also artistic director of the youth dance company JUTAC and works as a freelance choreographer at the theatre of Aachen city.
The youth productions COMMUNICARE (2015), COMFORTZONE (2016) and FACE2FACE (2017) were invited to various festivals in Germany, among others to Rampenlichter Festival Munich and the Tanztreffen der Jugend of Berlin Festspiele. She was also involved as a production manager and dramaturge in the dance piece UNCANNY VALLEY of choreographer Lin Verleger which opened the Tanztreffen in 2019.

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