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Olga Blank is a dancer, puppeteer and dance teacher. She was born in Kazakhstan and, after moving to Germany, completed a Master of Arts in Literature at the RWTH Aachen in addition to her dance education in modern dance and dance theatre. This was followed by the further education program "Creating Dance in Art and Education" by the University of the Arts in Berlin and further education in the field of puppetry. So the focus of her professional work as an artist is the combination of contemporary dance, theater and puppetry.

Olga Blank is a puppeteer at Fithe, the puppet theater from East Belgium with her own solo work and accompanies the "Karlchen Klein Konzerte" at the Theater Aachen/GER. She is artistic director of the contemporary youth dance company Dido Dance Company and also choreographs for the urban contemporary youth company JUTAC. As a dancer, she recently showed up in the production „A.K.A.“ directed by choreographer Yvonne Eibig and is involved in the development and promotion of young creators in her position as a board member of the dance network ARTbewegt.

In 2018, she was awarded the FUTURE IMPACT MAKER_ by the culture business of the city of Aachen.



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